ePrinus – genesis

ePrinus, the company is a combination of passion, enthusiasm, knowledge, skills and a very experienced and mature group of professionals. We have built our professional careers dealing with the sales and business development for a number of the world's leading suppliers of IT products and services. Solid cooperation in an atmosphere of trust that we offer our partners and customers is creating a firm foundation for the development of their companies and products in our markets and like an oak (Latin - prinus) ensuring strength and longevity.

What sets us apart

Just as the oak, which stands out among the other trees, ePrinus distinguishes itself through a unique combination of theoretical knowledge with a solid practice. This allows us to take on even the biggest challenges facing our business partners and customers. Experience, developed relationships and an excellent knowledge of the European market, in particular the Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, German-speaking (DACH) and BeNeLux enabled us to create a company whose main goal is to help spread the wings of the organizations that have placed their trust with us.

What we offer

We provide the entire infrastructure in running a start-up company and the evolution of effective business activity in the markets of CEE, BeNeLux and DACH for our foreign partners. Furthermore we enable access to innovative and unique IT solutions and we help to make a business in the markets of Western Europe for our local partners. What we offer as well is also support of our knowledge and experience in direct sales, marketing and technical support for offered solutions.

Scope of ePrinus activity

  • Start-ups - the introduction to the market(s) of new companies / products / services in order to search for the best business model that will guarantee their further development.
  • Business Development Services - services designed to minimize the risks and costs associated with starting and further development of companies in a competitive and unfamiliar business environment.
  • Value Added Distributor - distribution of unique IT solutions with a full support of sales, consulting, training, implementation and post-implementation services.
  • PR & Marketing - organizing events aimed at strengthening the position of the company and its solutions and while enhancing its image in a competitive environment

Competence of the ePrinus team

Through a combination of knowledge, capacity and team skills involved in the creation and development of our company, ePrinus is able to supports customers and partners in wide scope of IT but we are focused on IT Security issues.

All of these factors combined with a high level of commitment, "hunger of success" of our team, clearly defined goals and direction creates a know-how that makes our organization strong, durable and long-lived as an oak (Latin - prinus). 

Honors & Awards

2014 - ePrinus has become awarded in “Golden IT Ace” competition in category “Debut of the year” for successful start as VAD in Poland.

 ePrinus securing the cyber world


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